We know that needs fluctuate month-to-month depending on your demand for design & marketing. That’s why we work by bankable hours. It’s simple — our team works with yours to establish an average number of hours per week for work with any of the services listed below.

Larger projects get subtracted from future weeks and hours from slower weeks get banked for the future.

Design Services

website design

It’s simple — we help you to create a comprehensive, easily-accessible, one-stop-shop for your customers. After we’ve ironed out all of the wrinkles, we can manage it for you or show you the ropes!

logo and branding

First impressions are the most lasting, so make your branding count! That’s why we believe that branding is incredibly important. In everything that we design, we believe that less is more, that your brand should resonate with your customers, and that it must stay true to what makes you, well, you!

content creation

Content is king. Just say the word and our team of photographers and videographers will help you find and communicate with your audience.

Marketing Services

social media management

We manage your social media platforms so that you don’t have to. We'll grow your social following through campaigns, strategic engagement and paid promotions. We manage client’s Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Need new photos for social? We work with Monumental certified photographers to create beautiful images for your social platforms.

Email Marketing

There's a lot that goes into email marketing. Email funnels are crucial to creating an effective online presence that converts viewers to clients or buyers. We create an opt-in for your website that reflects your expertise and attracts your perfect clients or buyers, design an email template and write emails for you to send out to your list.  

marketing strategy

After some time together, we’ll take your current platforms and get them where you need to be. We want to understand your story — and familiarize your customers with it too! What do things look like after? You’ll have a new brand you’ll be proud of, guidelines to find your customer base and an understanding of how to stay agile in the future.