The Quality of Life in Indianapolis

CityHealth recently conducted a study analyzing the quality of life in 40 cities around the nation. In this analysis, Indianapolis did not receive an overall medal and was one of five cities that received recognition in just two categories. At first glance, this does not bode well for the Circle City. But after digging deeper, it’s apparent that this study in particular takes an unfortunately subjective view of a city otherwise heralded by its residents and visitors.

Countless numbers of organizations have recognized the Indianapolis International Airport as one of the best in North America. We have a booming business community, a walkable downtown, thriving neighborhoods that have character and, most importantly, people who are excited to be living in Indianapolis and are proud to call it home.

Sure, Indianapolis has its problems. The mass-transit system is mediocre and the increased rate of crime is something that needs to be addressed. Yet, many cities throughout the nation, some of which ranked high in this survey, have real problems they aren’t addressing. Their businesses are searching for friendlier economic climates, affordable housing is dangerous and citizens are exiting at a massive rate. Indianapolis isn’t perfect, but at least it’s on an upward trajectory.

In the study, CityHealth states that they will return in three years to track our city’s progress and update their metrics. When they return, CityHealth should take that opportunity to seek the opinions from an increased number of Indianapolis' own residents. Many Hoosiers have lived in other parts of the country and are happy to live in a city like Indianapolis.

If nothing else, should Indianapolis not receive an overall medal again, it should be for better reasoning than points like the tobacco age and posted restaurant grades.